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Sol, 2015, direct light exposure and burns on analogue black and white photo paper with a magnifying glass, unique pieces, 13,8 x 8,9 cm

This series of works consists out of analogue photographs that have been made without any photographic technical equipment. The photos have been „taken“ without a camera and have been developed in the photo lab after the continuous development process. Inspired by the power of the sun, I demonstrated an experiment. While using several different photo papers, I „exposed“ them directly under a magnifying glass in the sunlight. 

The process becomes the character of a ritual. After „burning“ the photo paper by using a magnifying glass, the photos were put directly in the fix bath, skipping the usual first step of developing. While the overexposure through the sunlight leads to the black-and-white photo paper to turn blue, once the photo has been fixed, a reversal of the colors takes place. The result is a pink-colored tone. Had the photographs not been fixed and been left in their blue state, they would have remained unprotected and exposed to the change. Images 1-10 show the „before“ and „after“ of fixing the images. During the experiment, the pace of the work changes from very slow to very fast depending on the weather situation. In strong sunlight everything has to happen very quickly. The fingerprints on the sensitive photo paper, the movement of the photo paper while been held in the wind and the trembling of the hand leave marks behind. Those traces address a potential movement. In some cases an image can be formed out of the complete abstraction which could lead to various associations by the viewer.

The presence of sunlight and the sort of Autopoiesis of photography, discussed as early as the time of William Henry Fox Talbot, play a particular role in this project. A pure image of nature has been captured by the medium of photography. The nature in this case not only depicts itself, but gives an idea of it’s destructive force. The matter of the photo paper is burned in some of the cases to such an extend that it even leads to sculptural formations on the surface.

Installation View

Exhibition View Black Magic Christiane König Gallery Wien 2017

Black Magic, 2017, Christiane König Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Photo by Marta Djourina